Another 2011 download from Sting, was “The Runner” staring Damien Drake 

Student Simon Peterson (Damien Drake) makes a huge mistake when he steals a mobile phone from the counter of a local shop. The bad news is the deputy head happens to be passing at the time. Caught red handed and hauled back in to school he’s now really in deep trouble.

  The Deputy Head is furious that Simon had dared to conduct this act of villainy dressed in his school uniform. Luckily for him the threat of being expelled is turned in to a session of harsh discipline.
 The master orders Simon to strip off his trousers and underwear to receive an over the knee spanking.

This humiliating act for a senior boy is swiftly followed by strokes of the swishy rattan cane all laid on for good measure to the naughty young villain’s bare bottom. 

It’s only the first stage of Simon’s learning curve, behave or face the consequences! On this note the Deputy Head issues him with a letter that must be delivered to his father.

Realising he must make sure this never happens again Simon’s father decides to administer a punishment that he perhaps should have done long ago! Simon is sent to shower then to report back to his room for a further & Dad’s spanking

The slaps come down hard and Simon is soon feeling his father’s hand reddening his youthful bare backside.
However for Mr Peterson it’s not quite enough and very soon the lads own carpet slipper is being brought down on an already well spanked bare bottom.

Simon certainly learns in a painful way that it doesn’t pay to be a Runner!

The Runner Download

By Bruce

One thought on “The Runner – Staring Damien Drake”
  1. I love this download, and anything with Damien Drake or Darren in it

    Sting should always end their downloads like this one, with the bad boy rubbing his sore butt. It is such a satisfying ending.

    Often the have the boy put his trousers on and leave, which is s bit of an anti-climax (if you will excuse the expression) whereas it is so much more sexy to fade out on a sore spanked bottom.

    The classic caning scene from Gray Shorts was so erotic because Paul was so obviously still sore after the caning had ended

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