Pants On Fire

The cautionary tale continues with a well deserved comeuppance …

It’s not long before the truth comes out and its found that in fact its Michael who is leading Jack in to bad ways. For this he’s now going to get a good hiding as well with a little added humiliation ..


A good bare bottom spanking to start

And this time it’s Jack’s who gets to watch and laugh!



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After the spanking to follow Michael now feels totally humiliated, but worse is to come

As it’s his young friend who will start the second stage of the proceeding off, with that scorching old wooden spoon!





Jack has never ever seen another guy get punished before, it’s quite an experience for him, and one he certainly enjoys.

Michael’s pride, and his bottom, will sting for quite a while!!

The (very sore) end


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Pants On Fire – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Pants on Fire (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. Well we all have different tastes and to be honest the only thing that appeals to me in this movie is JOEY. I’m likely to watch anything with him in it . For me Joey Whyte is the male God of Venus . Everything about him is pure male beauty and he to me he is SO HOT that no amount of humiliation can diminish his overwelming sex appeal. Ofcourse I’d love to see more of him but hopefully in more serious and erotic circumstances .

  2. I happen to like David, but this video succeeds because of the special pairing of the two boys, and the fact that Jonathan (above) and I can both have and eat our respective cakes. For the most part, Sting’s done a fantastic job this year of balancing videos with “hunks” and “twinks,” and I am delighted to see audience requests such as the comeuppance (in “Kiwi College 11”) and the presence of voyeurs (in “Pants on Fire”) are blossoming into glorious fruition. I’d like to see these themes appear in other story lines, particularly in the “Housemaster’s Study” series. Keep up the marvelous work!

    1. Hi Hisroyalheinie, I have forwarded a copy of your comment to Sting, who confirmed that have noted your requests!


  3. David Hines is nice , handsome and sexy I like all the cast including the 2 main spankers who are always authentic in what they do . The spanking was good especially when David spanks Joey however for me personally the laughing kinda dampened the fire . I like it if a spanker smiles or smurks ( that’s cool and sexy ) but actual laughing and what have you is not for me in terms of spanking . Still I appreciate that there are those who like it . I am an avid fan of Sting . They are SUPREME entertainers for anyone who enjoys male spanking.

    1. Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comments. Sting understands that their fans have differing tastes, and tries to cater to as many as they can. There are a lot of people who enjoy seeing a handsome bad boy, like Joey in Pants on Fire, or Jirka Mendez in A Bed Time Story, embarrassed and even humiliated when being spanked, and Sting will continue including that theme from time to time. However, they will also keep making videos featuring more traditional discipline scenarios for those who enjoy them.

      So, hopefully there will be enough of both types to keep everyone happy.


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