The second set of pictures and continuing storyline from the Sting Spanking Classic

 The Sixth Formers Knaves and Knives  

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After Robinson’s spanking he is ordered over the vaulting horse for a burning dose of the gym slipper on his already sore bare bottom.

His bare rounded and muscular bottom is now burning like fire so the swishing sound of the cane now in the master’s hand is no welcome sound at all! 


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The cane bites cruelly in to the lads protruding bare buttocks and with it a burning sting drives the message home, behave or else!

Mark Harfield ( Adam Ashton) is a cocky youth and although a prefect tends to lose his temper. The latest incident in the geography room saw a tirade of expletives being used!

Sent to his Housemaster Mr Volny no time is wasted in to getting this senior boy across his knee in the same manner as would befit a junior. 


A stinging bare bottom spanking is laid on with relish.

The spanking of course is just a pre cursor for a caning that the boy will hopefully think about next time he decides to let off steam. 


The well-oiled rattan cuts painfully in to this college rugby team member’s bare bottom. The burning stripes will still be visible to his mates as he steps in to the showers later!

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