Here is the video trailer for the recent Sting release  Pulled Over Pulled Down, directed by Jonathan Fox and staring Luke Desmond, Roland Karlin 
and Dexter as Constable Taylor

Pulled Over Pulled dow is available from Sting by 

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Pulled Over Pulled Down – Video trailer”
  1. Luke and Roland are a bit too “twinkish” for my taste. However, I would definitely buy a video in which Dexter is spanked. He has made spanking videos in the past where he played the “bottom” role. I have bought them, and like them. Please make more videos in which a big, strong, muscular, masculine, clean-cut model gets spanked.

    1. Thanks, Bruce. If you have any other handsome, muscular, masculine, smooth, clean-cut models like Dexter that are willing to take a spanking (especially OTK), by all means use them.

  2. This is too much of a coincidence Yrs ago my best friend’s dad took us on a camping trip but for serious disobedience he made us cut switches and bare our butt and bend over his truck bumper and he switched us bare and he made it hurt Wow we looked alot like these guys I am sure it hurt as much for them as it did for us CAUSE OUR BUTTS HURT BAD

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