In his new job at a removals company Evan is expected to be trust worthy. Its part of being in the removal business, handling other peoples property requires respect. Marco, Evan’s boss, is a stickler for the correct procedure being followed when dealing with a new customers personal effects.

On occasion unfortunately Evan is drawn to misbehaviour and on this job its no exception.

Trying to make off with the clients property drives Marco to take some hard disciplinary action. If he wants to keep his job this young man needs to learn a sharp lesson!


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No time like the present and Evan is going to be punished, the same as a naughty boy he’s behaving like. Marco’s stinging palm brought down relentlessly on Evan’s rounded and firm bare bottom, in a good long spanking, will make this hunky lad think again!











Reckless Removals stars Evan Ryker and Marco


By Bruce

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