The Birch Block 8

The Seaton Grange birching sessions continue, and the second senior boy to be punished is Hunter (Rudi Vallance). Hunter is rather too found of the local girls and had repeatedly been out after hours to pursue his lust. Now he will pay the price for his pleasures.


Once again, the master who’s duty it is to lay on the punishment is Mr Sharpe, who orders Hunter to strip naked, then kneel on the birching block, with his bare bottom raised for punishment.



Mr Sharpe then lays on the requisite strokes of the cruel birch, leaving a mass of agonising, burning welts on Hunter’s tender bottom.


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Then, just when it seemed that young Hunters shame and discomfort could not get worse, Mr Sharpe introduces him to the final coups de grace, which he reserves for senior boys who misbehave.




A good, hard and humiliating, over the knee spanking, including a rapid fire series of slaps on Hunter’s already well punished bare bottom will ensure that both the sting and the memory of his punishment will stay with the handsome Senior lad for some time to come.


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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “The Birching Block 8 (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. Fantastic to see the beautiful Rudi is back, and that he is still looking as good as ever.

    Very nice clip, well done as always

  2. Wow! ….Rudi sure is a sensual hot boy!! I totally LOOOOVE his haircut….that shaved head is just Sooooo damn sexy!!!!! Love the way the guys have to position themselves on that birching block. I also think with that butt Rudi is also a great contender for the extra short extra tight shorts. Love to see him in a pt outfit. Short fitted t shirt with long sox and…….ridiculously scanty tight awkward shorts that emphasise the back and front view…..also when a hot guy has that closely shaved haircut I always find it makes him 50 percent more spankable!!!!

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