You Two

Well you asked for it, so here it is. Robin and Austin in one film, with Johann as the coach thrown in!

The cheeky Nick (Austin Cook) is rummaging through Gerry’s (Robin Palmer) locker. Robin catches him and decides he’s been getting just a little too pushy lately and deserves a spanking, This he willing lays on to the complaining Nick’s bottom.

Unfortunately at exactly the wrong moment Mr Volny walks in and catches the two of them.

Now he’ll show them what spanking really means!


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If Nick thinks he’s getting away with it, he’s very much mistaken!


The coach has a lot more in store for these two young rascals – They won’t be sitting down for quite some time!!





You Two – in 1080p Extra High Definition


You Two – in Standard Definition


Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Robin and Austin in “You Two” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. This production is superb and a lovely way to start my Sunday viewing.
    Seeing the two boys together is such a turn on and their individual contributions together with that from Johan are first class.
    It is very difficult to make a judgement on who has the best bottom but I would say Austin just edges it.
    My goodness how well Johan both spanks and straps them and he really laid it with both his hand and the strap. Robins facial expressions showed he was really feeling it and judging by the noise coming from Austin it would seem he did too.
    It was lovely at the outset of the film to see Robins willy poking out from the bottom of his shorts – he was not wearing any underpants and how nice Austins grey pants fitted his bottom cheeks when he was being spanked, Both boys bottoms coloured up well when being spanked and their private parts were well on display.
    The strapping scene I can only find one word for – tremendous. Johan really laid into them.
    Thank you Sting for this. As a follow up perhaps both boys could feature in a Hornet production showing mutual appreciation to each other.
    I must say again this was first class and a big thank you to Sting.

  2. This is a gorgeous movie. I’m so excited that I can only say that I was really waiting for it. I hope Robin and Austin enjoyed working together and have some satisfaction and joy in addition to sore butts. I appreciate that Robin is no longer a silent actor, but we do have some dialogue between Robin and Austin. And of course I appreciate Robin’s great facial expression while beating.

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