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Rooftop Rebels: Where only Pigeons dare to tread, two students, Hutchinson (Sebastian) and Monroe (Tom Nuttall in his début performance) decide to head to the College attic and get down to some very personal studies. Unfortunately its reported to the Head of House that there are strange noises coming from the rooftop. Thinking it’s probably pigeons getting in through the wire he dispatches Mr Konrad the caretaker to investigate.

Now caught red handed and out of bounds the two lads sit outside their Housemasters study to await sentence. For Hutchinson he’s been there before but for his young companion Monroe this is going to be the first time he has had to face such discipline. Their Housemaster is a fairly liberated man of the world and is not annoyed at the attic antics that had taken place. He is more concerned that the two of them should have been in class and had been missed and unaccounted for.


Determined at least to teach Hutchinson a lesson the boys jackets and trousers are ordered to be taken off. Hutchinson soon finds himself face down across the master’s knee getting his insolent and very rounded bottom soundly spanked.

Now it’s Monroe’s turn and his friend can only look on as, for the first time, his pants are yanked down and the master’s heavy hand is coming down hard on his fast reddening bare bottom.

This is not the end Hutchinson has been warned in the past and now he takes the consequences kneeling in the armchair bare backside raised high as the leather tawse makes its mark. Crack after crack and his bare backside is glowing! 

For Monroe he’s just a little bit luckier, it’s a first time for him and a warning but the sharp sting of the strap is going to be a real wake up call. With tears in his eyes he rises from the armchair his bare buttocks now radiating the hot red glow of the tawse. 

The two of them really need to find somewhere to finish what they started. For some reason more now than before! Fired up both on their backsides and in their minds they get dressed. It’ll be sometime before they decide to be Rooftop Rebels again!

Rooftop Rebels, released in November 2011, is a “Sting Plus” release combining spanking with sex scenes.


By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Rooftop Rebels”
  1. Two very gorgeous boys, Sebastian has long been a special favorite and Tom is also a doll.

    The spanking and tawseing scenes are very hot indeed. Sting are the masters of the genre.

    However, it may just be me, but I hate mixing gay sex with spanking, they are from two different places and do not make a comfortable mix.

  2. I agree with you about sex scenes I would rather not have them in a spanking movie, unless it is just a young man jacking off to a girlie mag as in “Caught in the Act” and then getting punished for it, with a good bare bottom spanking.

    However, the spanking bits in Rooftop Rebels definitely make up for it, both the boys are very hot and the spankings are very ‘entertaining’


  3. I don’t mind to see hot Sebastian having sex. I hope to see more from him soon. It seems he did not appear for quite a long time…

    1. Sting are still in contact with Sebastian and would be happy to cast him in a future release. However, he has now moved on in life, and has retired from acting, so I think it is unlikely he will make a comeback.

      However, who knows what the future holds

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