NoPolice – Please!” When the Cyclist (Rudi Vallance) returns to his apartment he spies a delivery of goods outside another flat. Seizing the chance he goes to pinch a bottle of wine temptingly sticking out of the top of the box. Unfortunately it’s just at the same time the owner (Marco) opens the door and he gets caught red handed!


Insisting that the Police are brought in the lad pleads with him not to call them. It’s agreed that the owner of the flat will punish the thieving cyclist himself.



Firstly, the lad is taken straight over the knee, his tight Lycra shorts barely keeping down the sting of the slaps but now they are down and it’s his bare bottom that will be feeling the onslaught!





The muscular young lads well rounded, cycling trained, butt cheeks are turning red and sore! However, now in the wheelbarrow position the spanker can really get going. 



The boy’s bottom is burning and raw as the stinging palm cracks down, one hand then the other. 





Now though to really make sure the boy doesn’t take up a life of petty pilfering the angry tenant strips off his leather belt and orders the delinquent cyclist to keel on a chair.


The thick black belt is going to finish the job nicely; the bands of fire lashing across the lad’s already well spanked bare bottom will leave a lasting effect.


Even with such a perfectly curved bottom sitting in the saddle for the next few days is not going to be easy but it’ll will at least be a painful reminder to behave himself!


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 Title 2257

By Bruce

31 thoughts on “Rudi as the Cyclist in “No Police – Please!” (Including preview video)”
  1. Rudi is handsome, physically fit, and clean-cut – one of your most attractive models. Those tight biker shorts showcased his firm, round, very spankable buttocks. His butt also looked very nice when the shorts were removed. 🙂
    What makes this video special is the “wheelbarrow scene”, a rarity for Sting Pictures. Rudi looked very fetching in that position.
    If Rudi’s reaction to his punishment had been less stoic, this would have been a great video. Nevertheless, this is a very good short video.

    1. You say the same thing I don’t know maybe they will take a crow bar to his head he might cry for you then sting have said that the guys like to take it like men. I don’t know what you expect from what I know about spanking every lad reacts differently. Some moan some grunt some just pull faces cmon give sting a break here imagine if we didn’t have them around.

    2. Thanks for your comment Anon 06:44, thanks for the support. That said I do feel that Rasputin’s comment was reasonably encouraging, this time. We are aware of the issue with the actor’s reactions, but, as you say, different lads react differently, and the lovely Rudi is generally quite a quiet person.

    3. Hi Rasputin, glad you enjoyed this one, I agree, Rudi looked very appealing in that position! 🙂 The cycling gear was a nice change as well

    4. Stoic stoic stoic stoic… its like a broken record now. If I hear that word once more I’ll SCREAM !!!!

      I’ve lost count now how many times Bruce has explained that the lads react in their own way and I’m sure 90% of Sting members would prefer that rather than the lads acting it hurts and it looking fake.

    5. If you are interested, Bruce, I have reappraised the recent “Police Story” video starring Travis and Dexter. I originally rated it “good”. II would like to change it to “very good”.

  2. I agree with Rasputin about the “acting.” Thank you for accommodating previous requests for wider shots: Rudi’s legs and feet look delicious here.

    1. Thanks, Sting do try to accommodate requests where possible, and both the wheelbarrow position and figging, which was featured recently, are always near the top of the list.

  3. I have noticed that Marco has been playing authority figures for the last several months. It’s been rather amusing to watch your efforts to make him look older – conservative attire, eyeglasses, beard, etc.

    Marco has been doing a good job of playing the “top” role. Is there any chance of him playing the “bottom” role for a change? He could play a young coach, young teacher, young cop, young priest, or a college student.

    1. Thanks Rasputin, there have been a number of requests for Marco to take the bottom role occasionally. It’s funny, when he first appeared there were some rather unkind comments about him . However, it seems people have warmed to him since then.

    2. For curiosity’s sake, Bruce, what were the “unkind comments” about Marco? He’s not my favorite model, but I can’t imagine anyone objecting to him. He strikes me as a “boy next door” type.

    3. Nobody objected, as such, but, as I recall, some people thought he looked a bit older than the other lads. However, it seems people have changed their view, and we no get a number of messages asking to see him get spanked, beaten, caned etc.

      A lot of people prefer boy next door looks over the classically handsome actors

    4. You’re right, some people do prefer the “wholesome boy next door look” to the “hunky look”. I like both kinds of actors, provided they are physically fit and are demonstrative actors.

      Like I said, Marco is not my favorite model, but he seemed to do a pretty good acting job in the videos I have seen him in. He also has a nice smile, and he can convincingly assume a sad “puppydog” facial expression when he is about to get punished. This viewer feels sorry for him at moments like that.

    5. Marco is one of my all-time favorite Sting lads. He has the biggest and best set of balls I’ve ever seen. Guys and their critiques are infuriating.

    1. Some might say its an unkind statement, especially as the actors occasionally read the blogs, However, you are entitled to your view.

      Not everyone agrees, as Marco has a lot of fans, so it’s all a matter of taste.

    2. I mean no offence to anyone but if you put yourself out in the public domain be that of this or celebrity’s people won’t always like things neither will they dislike so by them reading the blogs its like celebs reading the magazines its 50/50 either good/bad I think if your also put yourself out there you should be ready to take what comes not that Marco is hideous just not a typical model I’d choose. Each to there own. I’m all for equality.

    3. There’s something about Marco that is very appealing – ever since he joined sting – he is quirky handsome – and I like that he has a nice but not perfect body – he seems ‘accessible’ if that makes sense – I personally find him very attractive and is one of my favs

  4. I was leaving this thread to Bruce but would like to add my two peneth. You are absolutely right about the public domain but its not such a public domain really more a private public domain. You would only come here if you liked spanking. Whereas if you’d watched the latest Mel Gibson film last night you’d probably chat about it freely to your friends. However, if you watched and ‘enjoyed’ No Police as a download would you chat about it to your friends. Probably not, well only if you had a common interest maybe. Many models in the adult industry do porn because its not fully out there. Porn isn’t really public and if our glorious leaders had their way it wouldn’t exist at all or be very much back behind closed doors, inaccessible with complicated passwords or on the highest top shelf again.

    1. I tell people I like spanking I feel its important to just be yourself and if your kinky. I’m comfortable with myself but yeah I get why you mean but this isn’t hardcore porn there just getting spanked. Many models do porn for the money too and its still in the public eye as anyone can acesss it. So that private stament is invalid to me anyway

  5. This is just a suggestion for when the actor is told to either bend over the lap of somebody, or bend over the back of a chair to receive punishment. Have him bend waaay over so that his head is significantly lower than his buttocks, and his buttocks stick up in the air. The ensuing spanking, belting, caning, etc. seems to be more humiliating and painful, at least in my opinion.

  6. I’m a huge fan of Rudi Vallance so it was great to find him in cycling gear, that alone is superb. This is an excellent scene with Rudi looking amazing – and those cycling shorts – perfection. Marco as usual is great and starts by giving Rudi an OTK spanking on his tight shorts with some great close ups. I would have liked the spanking on the shorts to have been a little longer but none the less satisfying. Once the shorts are removed Marco proceeds to give Rudi a hard spanking on his backside. Then we have a terrific wheelbarrow spanking which showcase Rudi’s wonderful long legs. Marco takes no prisoners and really delivers a hard spanking on Rudi’s amazingly shaped backside. To complete we have Marco using the belt on those superb glutes of Rudi’s. My preference is OTK but the belting Marco gives Rudi is a sheer delight. Again we have some tremendous close ups.
    This scene is a perfect 10 and showcases how consistent Sting has been and continues to be in the quality of production and finding the most stunning guys. If in the future could we have more cycling based scenes and or guys being spanked in tight cycling shorts or workout leggings when the script allows – that would be amazing.
    A huge thanks to Bruce for his quick reply in locating this hidden gem of Stings. My only other comment – Sting track down those shorts!

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