Scroll down for the preview trailer for “Stop Thief” staring Riaan de Bruin

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Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)


By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Sting Raw – Stop Thief (Preview video trailer)”
  1. ok I bought this very good the otk that is this guy has a great shaped ass as well would be nice to see some cock and balls while his otk. I love how he was tryna smack him direct on his bruises….. that made me sound a bit sadistic.. i’m not I promise. nice ass man

    1. We prefer that too but its early days and we are still recruiting. I would say however that there are lots of sites where sometimes spanker’s faces are not shown or they wear coverings of some sort.

  2. I was watching a scene from Banged Up! My Borstal Days 2 and I was getting pretty peed off I wanted to see Robbie get spank by Scott I think it is and it kept switching between this guy sucking someone’s cock i’m no prude but I had to look away and it kept doing that thru the whole scene. What I thought was a really good scene With Robbie was ruined and it really is annoying who edited it like that It was just annoying sting edit that clip and let me re download that scene without having that cock sucking in it. I don’t buy it for that I wanted the spanking I know that you do hornet now but still you ruined it for me and I just had to speak my mind as I feel I needed too sometimes what you think is a good idea is not can you please point and shoot and let us have that. thank you sting… other than that that was a hot scene. aha I feel better now.

    1. My Borstal Days 2 was released sometime ago and was phenomenally successful. Lots of people get different things out of spanking and we try to put new things in that folks may like. Amazingly some folks do get aroused by watching spanking and the director of that film felt it would make a good scene. Sorry I’m being sarcastic but you are driven to it sometimes!

      That was early days and now Hornet is the host for sex and spanking. Ironically Hornet outsells Stings stories but we of course maintain both to try to please as many folks as we can. Thanks for the positive comments about the scene its much appreciated but I’m afraid at this stage there is no chance of a re-edit. Glad you feel better though…:-)

    2. Wow I can’t believe that hornet outsells that surprised me I’d never buy anything from hornet in a nice way as I think of sting as classic spanking but as long as I get my otk scenes still I’d be happy lol. But still the editing was awful. Peace..

  3. I lost all my videos due to a fault and I thought I’d lost them for good so I decided to email sting to ask for help. I’m happy to say they sorted everything out for me I now have all my videos back thanks to there great customer service they really are very helpful. A* as I very much doubt other studios would have been so kind. Thanks again to Rob. Great service but wouldn’t expect anything less from Sting Pictures.

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