More screenshots from Sting’s latest release starting with the double punishment of Chambers (played by Johnny Haywood) seen above from the front and also from the back in tight flannel trousers 

 then in skimpy white underpants
 And then bare bottom

 Next Forrester (Luke Radley) discovers that being caught smoking can seriously hurt his bottom
 A senior boy humiliatingly ordered to strip

 And bend over the young PE master’s lap



More screenshots to follow


By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Screenshots from Tales from the Headmaster’s Study Episode 13 “Unlucky for Some!” Part 2”
  1. Since Travis McKinnon is getting very favorable reviews, especially in this video, let me suggest a scenario for a future video starring Mr. McKinnon.

    Travis is reprising his role of “Mr. Sharpe”, the muscular, cocky, sadistic PE instructor. He is catching up on some paperwork in his office late at night. Taking a break from work, Travis pulls out a bottle of beer from a hiding place and starts to drink from it. As everyone knows, possession and/or consumption of alcohol on the school premises, either by students or faculty, is strictly forbidden.

    Travis is enjoying the beer so much that he does not notice that four students have sneaked up behind him. (Three of the students are played by Damien Drake, Luke Radley, & Sebastian. The fourth student can be played by any model that Rich or Rob wishes to use.) The four students surprise Travis, yanking the beer bottle out of his hand, clamping a hand over his mouth and overpowering him. Travis struggles furiously and yells & curses, but his yells & curses are muffled by the hand clamped over his mouth, and he can’t get loose from the four students pinning his legs down and pinning his arms behind his back.

    The four students take the shoes and socks off of the writhing, grunting teacher. Damien stuffs one of the socks tightly into Travis’s mouth & seals the gag in place by wrapping a length of wide duct tape tightly across the PE instructor’s mouth and around his head 3-4 times. Once Travis is gagged, the students then proceed to strip him down to a pair of tight-fitting, skimpy briefs and a tight-fitting tanktop undershirt.

    While his comrades are stripping Travis, Luke gets in the young teacher’s face and gloats, “We’ve had just about enough of you, Mr. Sharpe. It’s about time you were put on the receiving end of some of the discipline you’ve been dishing out lately! And you aren’t going to tell anyone about this turning of the tables, are you? You know why? Because you don’t want the Headmaster to find out about your stash of beer, do you? You don’t want to lose your job, do you? Well, don’t worry. You keep quiet about your punishment, and we’ll keep quiet about the booze on the premises!” Travis glares at Luke and curses furiously into his gag, making futile “mmmmppppfff” sounds, as he is stripped.

    Once Travis is stripped down to his briefs and undershirt, the four students tie his arms behind his back with rope or zip-strips. The students then take turns spanking the young PE instructor as hard as they can on the seat of his briefs for a long time. Next they pull Travi’s’s briefs down, FIG HIM, hand-spank his bare ass as hard as they can for a long time, and then cane him. Travis kicks, squirms, and sobs and “mmmmppppffff”s in pain and humiliation into his gag as he is spanked, figged and caned.

    When the four students have finished caning him, they drag the young teacher over to a chair and drape him face-down over the back of the chair, with his buttocks sticking up in the air. The scene ends with the students each giving Travis a final swat on his bare butt and leaving, leaving Travis whimpering and sobbing into his gag as he tries to untie himself.

    An alternative ending would be for Rich or Rob to walk in on the office while Travis is being caned, and bellow out “What’s the meaning of this?” Travis and the four students, taken by surprise, stare helplessly at the authority figure as the camera fades to black. That way a sequel to this scenario can be created and filmed.

    So, Rich and Rob, what do you think?

  2. Thank you, Bruce. Please note that when the four students take turns spanking Travis, each student severely spanks him OTK on the seat of his briefs. When a student is finished spanking the young teacher, he passes him on to the next student who administers another OTK on-the-briefs spanking, and so on. After each student has spanked Travis OTK on the seat of his briefs, Travis’s briefs are pulled down and the young teacher is figged. Then Travis is subjected to another round of severe OTK spankings by each of the four students, this time on his bare buttocks while the ginger root is inserted in his anus. After the bare-bottomed OTK spankings are completed, Travis is then held face-down over his desk while each student has a turn caning him. Naturally Travis does a lot of kicking, squirming, grimacing, grunting, cursing, yelling, sobbing and whimpering while he is being spanked, figged and caned, but he can’t get loose and his grunts, curses, yells, etc. are muffled by his gag – all one can hear are “mmmmppppfff” sounds.

  3. Hi Rasputin I read through your suggestion for a shoot and handed it to the others to look at. Thanks for taking the time to do it. It actually sounds really good but it also illustrates how without any knowledge of the production and logistics that would go with this, the difficulties that would be incurred trying to make it! The last thing we’d want to do is pour cold water on any ideas and we do like to hear from you all with suggestions of what we can try include. We often do include what you ask for. However, maybe it’s worth just noting what difficulties we would have in trying to make this. I’ll list just a few and again it really isn’t that we don’t want to make something like this it’s just that, well, it would be problematic.
    Firstly Travis would have to agree, it’s highly likely at the moment anyway that he wouldn’t. We don’t coerce models at Sting we work with them to create the scene. He’s new and really only wants to be a top. He is slowly getting used to the whole scene, in time like many new guys he will get better and better Secondly, Damien and Sebastian have all but retired from shooting now. Damien re trained and is Sting’s online editor now. I know we could substitute other models but there is another problem. All the boys listed would have to be paid. That’s five to six guys in one clip. Another two and it’s enough to make a whole one and half hour DVD in the vanilla adult world and they have far more paying customers than we do. Sting also pay standard adult industry rates which are often higher that the am-spank sites.
    Spanking is very, very, niche indeed. As we just don’t chuck the stuff out production for this with costuming and sets would have to be over two days. Lastly, Sting is only part of STG Pictures work and only ever breaks even financially. When I talked to Rich about this he actually said ‘well we do it because we enjoy it, even though it isn’t particularly profitable. The new Hornet brand is a necessary departure to keep Sting active. STG’s other work is the mainstay of wages and income. I only give out this info as this seemed to be the right time to do so.
    In fact the idea behind this proposed scenario is very good we would love to do stuff like this. So any ideas you have for possibly smaller additions would be very welcome. Maybe we can do it for Hornet! In the meantime a hearty thank you to you Rasputin and we’ll always do what we can. White underwear use has been noted by the way…

  4. Thanks for the reply, Jonathan. All of the concerns that you raised – too many models, unwillingness of certain models, unavailability of certain models – sound legitimate, and I thought of them myself as I wrote this scenario. I don’t want you to take my scenario suggestion too literally – i.e., I don’t want you to assume that I wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t shoot it exactly the way I specified.

    Granted, Travis is new to this business, and I don’t want to scare him off. If he is unwilling to play this kind of role at this time, could you cast someone like Luke Radley or Mike Cross or Alex Grainger in the bottom role of the PE teacher – one of your bigger, better-looking models with athletic or muscular physiques and demonstrative acting skills?

    You don’t have to cast Sebastian or Damien in the top roles if they aren’t available. I was simply suggesting them because they are good actors, good-looking, well-built, etc. I thought Damien’s impish personality would be appropriate for a kid willing to turn the tables on a teacher. If you want to use other models, go right ahead.

    As to the number of models, you are probably right that four models playing the students would be too expensive and not necessary. When I thought about it, three students would actually be adequate to overpower one PE instructor, even one as muscular as Travis. If the instructor were surprised and punched in the stomach, for instance, temporarily weakening him, or if the instructor was drunk when he was jumped, you could shoot the scene where he was overpowered by only two students.

    These are just suggestions. I hope you are able to use some of these in future videos.

    I had no idea Sting and Hornet were only part of STG Pictures. In what other kind of work is STG involved? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.

    I’m also surprised that Travis only wants to play the top roles. Granted, the top role is less painful and less humiliating, but the pay is also lower. I would think that playing the top role in a gay spanking film would be a bit like playing one of the male roles in a mainstream, vanilla-sex straight porn flick – no matter how attractive the guy, the girl would get all of the attention and would make much more money. As the bottom role in a spanking film gets all of the attention and does all of the hard work, it would be logical that the bottom would get paid better. Doesn’t Travis want to make more money?

    I look forward to your reply.

    1. I like Rasputin’s idea a lot. I get what Sting are saying about the cost of using extra models, but maybe if it was only two younger guys over powering a bully it would be cheaper to make.

      If you made a story where an arrogant and sadistic straight bully was punished by two of his gay victims I think that would sell a lot because it is a fantasy a lot of people have, especially if the bully ended up really embarrassed and humiliated.

      For me it would even better if the two guys taking their revenge were quite nerdy and wimpish, as long as the bully they are overpowering is muscular, clean cut and handsome. Someone like Darren, Travis or Paul

    2. Thanks for your support, Rubin. Your idea of nerdy or wimpish students overpowering a muscular, clean-cut, handsome bully (either a senior student or a young teacher) and exacting revenge appeals to me.

    3. Hi Rasputin, well we’ve decided to take a closer look at the ideas you’ve put forward.We’ll see if something can be done at least similar to your suggestion. I’m sure it can. We’ll do as much as possible to stick to the idea depending on what the models will allow. We’ll be talking to Travis this week when he shoots again for another story. It can’t be done overnight so we’ll need a little bit of leeway here. Thanks again for your interest in all this.

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