A series of screen captures from Sting’s latest release  Talesfrom The Headmaster’s Study (Episode 13) : Unlucky For Some! 

Handsome Richardson (Rudi Valance) receives a strict lecture on the error of his behavour from the Headmaster while his house master, Mr Smith looks on

 Mr Smith then does his duty and tans Richardson’s well rounded bottom!


 Mr Sharpe, the young sports master (Travis McKinnon) knows just how to deal with naughty boys
 As young Sudbury (New StingLad Jimmy Green) painfully discovers



By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Screenshots from Tales from the Headmaster’s Study Episode 13 “Unlucky for Some!” Part 1”
    1. YES PLEASE! The figging should be with a moist slice of peeled ginger like in Making a Gentleman with Darren and with Matt Mills in Instruments of Punishment2

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