And Forrester’s punishment continues….



By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Screenshots from Tales from the Headmaster’s Study Episode 13 “Unlucky for Some!” Part 3”
  1. ja mit dem Lederriemen ordendlich aufwärmen bis der Arsch glüht und dann anschliessend eine richtige Rohrstock-Züchtigung hinterher bis der Arsch mit Striemen übersät ist….
    so brauche ich es jedenfalls und das regelmässig

  2. 99% perfect – If he had had bare feet too it would have been 100%. but that’s just me. Really great movie though, love the chemistry between Travis and Luke

    1. Thanks Domino that’s a great result for us. We’ll get them bare footed next time. The only reason actually is because its winter and our studio floor is freezing!! The lads like to get more naked in the summer here…

    2. You could have some in socks and some without. Say if they are just naked from the middle down they keep their sox on, but if they are totally nude, it would make sense for them to be bare foot. (nobody wears socks in the shower do they?)

      Its hard to please the sock lovers and the foot lovers. but it only fair to share

  3. The picture at the top of this blog shows the way I really like to see a Sting movie end, with a well spanked boy nursing his sore bottom. I really loved the scene at that scene with Paul in Asian incident, or with Brett in approved ed 2.

    Unfortunately a lot of Stings movies end with Rich or Rob saying “get dressed and go!” to the boy, which is a bit of an anti-climax after all the great hot action that precedes it. It would be sexier to fade out on the boy rubbing his bum.

    Not moaning, Sting make by far the best movies, but they need sexier endings

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