Short Fuse

In line with current national emergency law during the Coronavirus outbreak, Sting are trying an experiment. Although mask wearing in spanking fetish films is nothing new, they felt they should try to proceed with production, in line with current government policy, even under these trying circumstances.

‘The show must go on!’…

In this short film we see the return of Dorian Easton as a top with Evan Novak as the misbehaving young brat. Set in a gymnasium, Dorian as the trainer has had enough of the antics of young Evan. To teach him a lesson he drags him in the training hall by the ear to give him a whacking. Firstly the lad gets taken over the muscular Coaches knee…..


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Then he is order to bend over a piece of apparatus to receive a caning on the bare bottom.

One thing for sure nothing can mask the outcome a very sore bottom for Evan, just how it should be!

Note: Dorian will be appearing again in future films, obviously not wearing a mask, as and when the situation changes.




Short Fuse – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Short Fuse – in Standard Definition


A HD version of this video will also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale shortly, for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Short Fuse”
  1. Please allow me to thank you, your actors, and your crew, for continuing to make such wonderful films. A cast of 2 of my favorite actors! I am so grateful. I hope you are all as proud of your movies as I am grateful for them. Christ keep you & your families safe. Please tell everyone, from me (as worthless as that might be), never take yourselves for granted – because I never will. You all bring a bit of my joy to my life.

  2. PLEASE NOTE: This was one of only two videos filmed with the actors wearing masks, the videos were filmed following the Government guidance at the time and made before the social distancing guidance was introduced. Like all adult studios, Sting will rely on previously shot material until there is more clarity as to how to proceed in the current crisis.

  3. I agree with Kimmy. I am quite impressed with Dorian Easton – young, handsome, athletic build. Once this COVID-19 pandemic is either over or under control, please make a video in which Dorian is receiving a long, hard, OTK spanking.

  4. Hi Dr van Spanking

    A trailer will be posted shortly, I am sorry there has been a bit of a delay with this.



  5. Not at all Dr van Spanking

    It didn’t sound like a complaint, and I certainly did not take it as one!!


    1. Hi John
      I am afraid it remains most unlikely that Dorian will be getting a spanking, however, it is possible he could be persuaded to do a nude scene. We’ll see, after all as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained

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