Scenes 3 and 4 of the Sting Spanking Classic

Colonial College 2 Branderburg Revisited

Rensburg (Rudi Vallanace) although in his final years has grown more and more lazy as the term goes by. He has not been attending vital lessons for his final exams. The Headmaster expects senior boys to have some sort of responsibility and acts quickly if they fall behind. In

In Rensburg case, the Head’s little red book contains a long list of misbehaviour, so he decides that, 18 year old or not, if the lad wants to act like a junior he’ll be treated like one!

Rensburg soon finds himself over the Headmaster’s knee like a naughty junior getting a long hard bare bottom spanking that leaves his well-rounded bare bottom inflamed and sore.


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This is a wakeup call he’d better behave from now on, the unhappy senior boy will have plenty of time to think about it before his bottom stops burning.

Bunking off too when the lads get older is a problem, this leads to poor grades in their work as thy lose out on lessons. One such pupil, Vandervelden (Milo Milis) has been caught doing just this and is now up in front of the Headmaster. Realising that perhaps a short sharp shock is needed Vandervelden is ordered to strip of his shorts and get over the Heads knee. With his bare backside exposed to the Headmaster’s well exercised right arm the boy howls as the spanking is laid on.









However, now kneeling on a stool with his bare bottom raised high and thrust out it’s the thick leather belt that’s causing him to sing even louder. The belt leaves burning hot bands of fire as each stroke connects with the hapless boys protruding and fast reddening bare bottom.


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  1. I remember watching this one I must say that I particularly like the position that Rudi is in over Rich’s knee and in some of the photos Rudi’s arse looks great!! 🍑

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