Simply Sebastian

A 2 hour 43 minute compilation of the films of Sting favourite Sebastian

Sebastian appeared in many of Sting Pictures Spanking Movies, often working with his sidekick Rowan Hunter. here is the collection of his scenes in one file with over 2 Hours and 40 minutes of footage making it Sting’s longest compilation to date. (File Size 1.83 GB) For only $24.95





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By Bruce

14 thoughts on ““Simply Sebastian” – Spanking Compilation”
  1. Nearly 3 hours of Sebastian getting spanked you do know that’s like watching Titanic right, lol.

    Sebastian has always been a stand out model for me he has a great look he always reminded me of a video game character (I think it’s the jet black hairstyle and tanned skin) and even though he was quite short he was very well proportioned (in all areas must I add) and most importantly he had a really good round bottom which looked amazing in every clip. I do miss seeing him if only he was around to be seen in Sting’s now 1080p glory getting the “Marco treatment” but this is a good look back at some interesting clips he has featured in along with one of my favourite spankers Dexter I miss a lot of the old Sting models some of them looked really good. 😢 Lol.

    Oh and this picture of Sebastian in his Batman boxers briefs is so sexy… Yummy! 😜

  2. I’ve always liked Sebastian – handsome, muscular, clean-cut, good actor – what’s not to like?

    I have a number of videos starring Sebastian, but I don’t think that I have all of them. Will you be posting a preview video of this compilation?

    1. I think this is a must buy Rasputin, almost 3 hours for such a good price, but I think you’ll need to make a trip to the drugstore first to stock up on KY Jelly. I know I am !

  3. I often wonder how STING manage to find such an abundance of seriously hot actors. Perhaps good looking guys are just generally attracted to spanking?

    1. I have wondered the same thing over the years. Although some of the lads turn up at other studios for other fetishes, I think that the spanking theme may be appealing to these actor-models — especially heterosexual ones — because it doesn’t necessarily require oral or anal penetration. I’ve also been told that Eastern European millennials grew up with atheism as a state religion, so that theory may not be applicable to recent Sting productions based in Prague. Still, the fetish is universal, and there are American boys who work for Reluctant Young Men or Spanking Central, or British lads who work for Mr. X at Straight Lads Spanked, who would probably never consider doing an all-out gay sex video.

  4. @hisroyalheinie I think you are right, when it comes to straight guys the fact that they don’t have to actually have sex or have any sexual intercourse with another man which maybe would deem them to be seen as “being gay” or them fearing that they might catch a sexual disease or they just might not want to actually get personal with a man (after all they’re straight). I think that’s really the attraction to making spanking clips it’s kind of like a clean way to earn money in the porn industry if you will. I’m sure most guys (not all) who make spanking clips are actually straight guys which is better because I personally much prefer seeing straight men being spanked but like you say there are definitely straight men who do partake in gay/sexual activity so this doesn’t mean everybody and even some of the most seemingly tough guys can be quite fluid sexually.

    I think one thing I’ve learnt that MM spanking fetish in particular attracts a lot of different people so some people may not view it as just being gay porn. This would also open up the gates to why everyone is so particular about their spanking fetish… I will hold my hands up to that we all view it in our own way. Studios who make spanking clips have there work cut out as it can be so particular for each one of us… Socks on, off etc.. Anyway I’ll leave it there as I’m getting slightly off topic now. 🙂

  5. Hi Rasputin and others, sorry for the delay in responding, however, as you will have noticed a Preview trailer has now been posted. This videos is a full two and three quarter hour collection of all Sebastian’s Sting spanking scenes, right back to his very first appearance in “Sore Times for Sebastian”

    You can see details and pictures from of all Sebastian’s spankings over at the Feel The sting blog here:

    There is also a complete archive on this site, here:


  6. I find a lot of bisexual guys enjoy spanking and wrestling with guys. Bi men can be incredibly sexy.

  7. Luke, His Royal Highnie and Jonathan – you are correct theoretically. Making spanking videos SHOULD appeal to straight models because they wouldn’t have to engage in oral or anal sex with other men. However, I have seen a number of Sting models (Damien Drake and Darren, for instance) appearing in videos made by other gay porn studios, and they do have sex with other men in those videos. Some of the sex is quite rough. And of course, oral or anal sex is a given if they appear in Sting’s Hornet series of videos. Bruce may be right – a job is a job to these guys, and they check their sexual preferences at the door when they appear in porn videos.

    However, it would be logical for a straight porn model to demand a higher fee for making videos in which they have to have sex with another guy, and charge a still higher fee if they have to bottom.

    Bruce, is that the case – do these guys get paid more than the standard spanking video fee if they have to engage in gay sex, and paid even more if they have to bottom? Answer if you can.

    1. Hi Rasputin, Jonathan and HisRoyalheinie. You are correct that male actors can usually command higher fees for for performing sexual activity, than they can for spanking, although there is no fixed rule, and different studios offer different rates. It is my experience, certainly in the UK, that straight males tend to be more willing to do spanking, or things like wrestling, tickling, foot fetish, or posing shots, rather than gay sex.

      With a few exceptions, most of Sting’s actors are straight. However, in the Czech Republic, straight boys tend to be a bit more flexible, and cool about having gay sex on film for cash. Indeed there are very many examples of young straight guys filming a gay sex scene, with their girlfriends, on set, sitting and watching the action. However, even in the Czech Republic there are some straight actors who will only do spanking with no sex. There are some like that who work with Sting, but I will not spoil any illusions by revealing who they are.

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