The latest Sting CFNM release is “The Correct Dose” a medical drama starring Elliot Holman and Lola Prazack. Click Here or on the Read More tab below to see the pictures and video Preview

WARNING: Sting CFNM releases feature young men being disciplined by Strict Women


Sting CFNM: The Correct Dose

Its time for Nathan’s (Elliot Holman) sports injury check up but this visit will be more memorable that usual. The Duty Nurse (Lola Prazak) is known to be less than tolerant of troublesome young lads.

Unable to keep his sticky fingers in check Nathan soon finds himself on the wrong side of the feisty nurse. Getting up to no good while her back is turned is going to earn him a good bare bottom spanking.

This nurse takes no prisoners and knows how to administer a dose of discipline to correct the unhealthy ways of naughty boys like Nathan!


A good hard bare bottom spanking is the right prescription for naughty boys!














After the spanking its face down on the couch for further treatment, the nurse’s leather strap is a perfect way to induce a burning and lasting cure for this wayward young lad.


By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Sting CFNM: The Correct Dose”
  1. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – young Elliot is a real find! One of Sting’s best ever! What a delight to see this cheeky little lad laid over the knee stark naked except for his socks! This delicious video ticks so many of my boxes (should that be ‘boxers’?!): a twinky, youthful-looking boy with the most scrumptiously pert, spankable bottom and delectably whippable back, black trousers, coloured underpants, boxer briefs and OTK! And of course femdom – I LOVE IT! What a wonderfully stern face Lola has – just perfect for this sort of scenario!

    We’ve seen a fair bit of Elliot recently. And with that delightful boyish physique that just shrieks aloud to the heavens for spanking, I hope we’re going to see a lot more of him!

  2. My favorite thing for these medical exam story lines is when the naughty lad gets a shot/injection in the behind – could someone please tell me if that is done in this film? It would help me to decide whether or not to purchase it or not.

    1. Hi Kass

      Sorry to disappoint you, but I am afraid the nurse’s needle does not make an appearance in this video. However, young Nathan (Elliot) has a very sore bottom at the end even so!

  3. Thank you for the info – based on the photos (I hate when the actors wearing silly logo underpants) and no shot for the bottom – its a miss you me – I am so grateful you told me. I’ll save the $ for another of your films.

    1. Hi Kass, I think you could be missing out on hot little movie, Elliot’s logo underpants don’t stay up for long, for most of the video he is only wearing socks.


    1. I have found that pants are like socks, they split the croud. Some people like them kept on whist others want them taken off as quickly as possible!! LOL!!

  4. So true, Bruce, I like the underpants up longer – the next audience member want the underpants down faster. I want the socks gray, the next viewer wants the socks black. I want the actors in tight white briefs, then other wants colorful boxers. It has to make the film makers rip the hair out of their head. I doubt even Hollywood execs have to deal with pleasing such a demanding audience. But, to Christ I do swear, no other studio has a more devoted audience. Based on what Rubin G wrote, I am getting this film right now. You and Yours are Quality – and I will always stand by your films. There is NEVER a disappointment. (although I still wish for some mouth-soaping and towel snapping)

  5. How these guys dont have any erections? i would love to see a guy having an erection during his spanking…to watch a dick pocking over a thigh…so sexy. why we dont see that? these boys should be all the time with their legs apart, so the private area being exposed… much more humiliating.

    1. They may not have erections Dennis but I bet the Sting camera crew do after filming something as hot as this.

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