In the past STG Pictures has maintained the Sting studio making spanking films mostly of a non-sexual nature.  The pro and cons of this and whether spanking is gay or straight have been discussed lately on various sites and blogs.
To make it all a little bit easier STG Pictures are separating the Sting and Hornet labels. Sting will continue to make spanking films with both straight lads and probably some gay lads too. Sexual orientation is not so important to us. 
However, the separation now means that Hornet will make the adult sexual content that will include spanking but with sex as part of the scenarios. So, if you like straight forward spanking then go to Sting Pictures but if you like spanking with sex then Hornet will provide that too. If you like both then it’s a win, win situation all round! In the near future we will make a complete new site for Hornet Pictures as we have with the wholesale DVDs we offer to licensed adult stores.
Hornet will be the platform STG Pictures use in the future as we begin to make more films for the vanilla gay adult DVD market such as our movie The Secrets Of College Life.

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Some info from STG Pictures Ltd regarding Hornet & Sting Pictures”
  1. I’d buy spanking but never buy sex as there so much free stuff out there with spanking it’s kind of linlmited but good luck with that one… :/

  2. The Hornet stuff I have so for is sure better than any free stuff, a lot of it is really bad quality and kinda girlie. The HD quality is spot on with Sting and I like that the masters get their rocks off while they punish.

  3. The moderator has let this comment through without the link of course. The spanking film business is cut throat enough already. If everything was free then no films would ever get made, that is not supposition it is absolute fact! It applies not only to adult content but to all professionally produced media.
    The free sites are basically parasites of the industry and it is indefensible to support them. They put up no money for production and take no risks in marketing what so ever. They basically leech off everybody else. Control of film piracy however is becoming far more successful now. STG pictures Ltd issues immediate DMCA notices where we can and follows through using various methods to pin point illegal posting and activity.
    Users should be aware they are libel to criminal prosecution if discovered and this includes the re posting of copyright material to other sites on the internet. Lately many adult businesses have been very successful in bringing cases against perpetrators so it’s wise to be aware. Trailers and other official content are often re posted but the re posting of entire films is completely unacceptable unless officially sanctioned.
    The majority of people play the game fairly and we are grateful for that. We very much appreciate all our loyal customers and do what we can to serve them better all the time. Unfortunately there are those like anonymous above who I have to put in the parasite category along with other unworthy video pirate sites.

    1. It seems tempting to use the pirate sites, but most of what they have are poor quakity copes of ripped off stuff.
      Also, in the long run we are ruining our own fun, because if the film makers can’t make any money they will eventually give up, and that way we all lose out.

  4. That’s precisely and intelligently put if I might say so. It really is the case if everything was free nothing would get made other than am-cam stuff. If we could sell more as with the supermarket principle we could perhaps then sell it cheaper. It all depends on sales, in the long run its what drives the whole thing.

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