The Clinic 2

The doctor usually knows the right treatment for most situations, and with two unlucky lads their Doctors quickly prescribe exactly the treatment they need, and proceed to administer it

When Dr Stone (James Holt) was on his rounds he became the unfortunate victim of car theft.

His mobile phone, absent mindedly forgotten in the car, was the subject of the robbery, when a young hoodlum broke into his car.

A few days later a young patient (Don Diego) is attending his clinic, the very same young miscreant who had earlier that week stolen the doctors phone. Unfortunately fort him that very same phone now begins to ring and is then recognized by the Doctor. The bad lad is quickly found out to be the culprit and whatever the cost will now have to take what the doctor deems fit as suitable treatment.

In this boys case its going to be a good bare bottom spanking, something quite humiliating that this young man has not had to face for a while.



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And the spanking isn’t the end of it!!

This is followed by a harsh whipping with a very stingy and pliable switch, face down on the examination table!





In part 2 a second young lad thinks it is funny to be cheeky to the doctor – but not for long!!


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube


By Bruce

2 thoughts on “A Spanking from the Doctor in “The Clinic 2” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. I am not sure why Sting waited so long to film the second installment of this wonderful (now) series, but I am thrilled to see these four terrific — and very different — actors keep delivering consistently fine performances for STG. Over the last year, James, in particular, has wowed me with his versatility. In this scene, as well as others, Don Diego’s reactions may not be to everyone’s taste, but for those, like me, who enjoy what Rasputin refers to as “demonstrative” acting, he is a feast for the eyes and ears. Despite the first scene’s distracting plot line (if that’s even worth critiquing), there are true fireworks between these two performers. Similarly, Volny and Varga are well paired in the scene that follows. I would kindly request that “Clinic 3” dedicate more time to the doctor’s “check up,” as I do love to see boys receive a rectal examination. Otherwise, well done!

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