No Stars Just Stripes

Here are the remaining pictures from the 2012 release No Stars Just Stripes which is currently available at a special reduced price of $9.95 (usual Price $24.95)

Having soundly spanked the misbehaving young jocks, Assistant Coach McIver progresses to the next stage of their punishment. Reaching up on top of the locker and taking down a well-used holed paddle, both boys now receive a series of firm swats turning their butts an ever brighter red. When they finally stand clutching their sore bottoms regret for transgressing in college is written all over their faces.




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Whilst the senior coach is happy with his young assistant’s sports instruction he feels he is lacking in maintaining good discipline. One way to bring his attention back is most certainly a taste of his own medicine. Soon the young coach himself is over his senior’s knee and receiving a hard bare bottom spanking.



After this for good measure again out comes the old well used hickory paddle, crack after crack rains down leaving perfect red hole prints in the junior coaches scorched red butt.


He might be a younger member of the faculty but he’s certainly going to graduate with honours in discipline administration if his boss has anything to do with it.

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No Stars Just Stripes


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Title 2257

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