When Steven (Robin Palmer ) starts a new job as a cleaner he brings the wrong attitude to the job. This is quickly noticed by his boss (Marco) He is not at all pleased with the results.

This is quickly noticed by his boss (Marco) He is not at all pleased with the results.


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Determined to make a good worker out of this petulant youth, Steven’s boss decides to go old school and push some much needed discipline in to this young whipper-snapper.

He starts at the bottom end of course and its not long before the boy realises he’ll need to buck up his ideas if he wants to stay in the job.





Spit and Polish – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Spit and Polish – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257


By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Spit and Polish”
  1. 14 days without a male/male Sting download and I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms, then along comes Robin and his wonderful bottom, attitude acting and a tremendous thrashing.

    Excellent shots of his naughty bottom, tight testicles and delicious willy. He also took a very hard punishment from Marco and did look towards the end in a lot of discomfort.

    Please Sting don’t leave us so long again without the boys offering up their bottoms to a man!! It would also be very nice to see another extended school scene download. Such are Sting at their best.


  2. I agree with Michael. Sting are at their best doing school scenarios which we don’t seem to get as often as we used to. It would be nice to see Jaydee Black in school uniform again. Robin always gives a great performance but a new face or two would be most welcome.

  3. Sting are easily the best M/M spanking site on the web. My main interest is caning in a domestic / school/ judicial setting. I have bought everything that Sting has done since ‘Punishment Book 1’ that includes a caning. I very much like the use of more modern clothes and scenarios However I have been alarmed at the lack of canings in your videos for some weeks. I hope that it is not intention of Sting to abandon the cane. This would be a great pity not least because your current models have such canable bottoms.

  4. Hi Michael Swanlad and Andy, Thanks for your comments, although Sting have taken a short break from the school room in the last month so, I am sure they will return there in in the near future.

    And, Andy, I can assure you Sting have not retired the cane. Caning has not really suited the various scenarios featured in recent clips, but fear not, we will all be hearing the whack of rattan against sensitive upraised bottoms again quite soon!

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