Sport Discipline

Sports coaches tend to have a natural dislike of excessive smoking and drinking especially by their young star players. Mr Stone (James Holt) is one such coach who is very proud of his winning team and has a special pact with his players. If they are found indulging in illicit substances that will impede their performance and want to stay in the team, then some sound punishment will have to be laid on.

One lad who has been caught out is Brandon (Richard Hicks) he wants to stay in the team so he know he will have to submit to his painful fate.

First he’ll be going up high on the coaches knee to have his bottom well and truly spanked – first on his shorts…



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Then Bare Bottom!






Next, with the coach sitting on a gym bench, the spanking will be brought to a stinging conclusion.



That won’t be the end of it though as this lads rear end is going to get a good strapping now with Brandon laying over the top of the gym horse.




Training can be hard and even harder is you don’t abide by the full rules of the game, especially those laid down by coach Stone.

Brandon is played by Richard Hicks



The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube



By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Sport Discipline”
  1. this really tick so many of my boxes! A young lad looking very vulnerable and spankable in a sports strip – then seeing him laid over the knee and spanked hard over a pair of coloured boxer-briefs! I’m glad Sting seem to have taken on board the recent comments from some of us about not missing out that all-important smacking over underpants stage from a punishment. and what a beautifully smackable bottom when the lads pants do come down! It’s always good to subject a boy to the embarrassment of having to remove them himself, though there are arguments both ways, as the spanker removing a lad’s underpants does indicate to the boy very clearly that he is totally in the spanker’s control!

    A great little clip, moving through all the stages of a spanking in that deliciously boner-making way we’ve come to expect from Sting! Keep the modern-day scenarios coming, Sting – you do them SO well!!

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