Sports Report 11

Scene two

The second lad is Alex (Axel green) he’s’ known by the Coach to try to avoid any type of physical exertion. Having fallen asleep on the gym bench he is rudely awakened by the arrival of Coach Sharpe.

He too needs a much more painful wakeup call and it’ll start with the dreaded gym shoe!


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The stinging India Rubber sole is soon descending down fast with a scolding crack on his bare bottom.







Of course it’ll be followed by an over the knee spanking, the least a caring Coach can do to make sure his students make the grade.




By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sports Report 11 (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. All I can say is recent Sting productions of male twinkish boys get better and better.
    This is another super production. Richard Hicks is another great new boy and Axel gets better all the time.
    Again good action shots and positioning of the target area. Both well disciplined. I would however, lick to see some slipper shots across the middle of the boys bottom and one or two nasty ones against the sit spot.
    I do hope we shall see more of all the new lads.

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