The Birching Block 9

The history of Corporal punishment in British public schools is well known. Eton, Harrow, Rugby being the most famous for this. Getting put on the punishment bill was the last thing any student wanted. At Eton this would mean having to kneel on the famous whipping block which can still be viewed today in the college museum.

For our latest re-enactment two miscreants played by Evan Ryker and new StingLad Kenny Hill are reporting, before lights out, to their Housemaster.

Their names are on the bill and now, in the punishment room, its time to ‘Go Down Sir’ on the birching block the receive the stinging freshly cut birch twigs across their bare bottoms.

The effect of kneeling on the block raises and exposes the lads bare buttocks, making a perfect target for the Housemaster as he readies the brine soaked birch for action.


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As they boys nurse their punished bottoms, they don’t realise that their ordeal is not quite over ….




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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “The Birching Block 9 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. me encantan los azotes con birch, solo una duda. Nunca los castigados estaban atados? era muy dificil aseguarar al castigado en el banco?

    Translation: Duvan says he loves whipping with a birch, but asks if the punished boys were ever tied down for the punishment

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