Young football player Robert (new StingLad Jerry Bosak) is prone to tantrums on the field and in the past this has often got him in to deep trouble.

年轻的足球运动员Robert (Sting新演员 Jerry Bosak) 在球场上很容易发脾气,在过去这常常让他陷入深深的麻烦中。

Now the Ref (Johann Volny) has had enough and decides to teach him a lesson. If he wants to stay in the league he needs to learn how to behave!

现在,裁判(Johann Volny)已经受够了,决定给他一个教训。如果他还想留在社团,他需要学习如何做事!

So nothing better than to turn such a petulant fit lad like Robert over the Ref’s knee for a good spanking.



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Very soon his shorts will be down too and he’ll be feeling the Ref’s firm hand on his muscular bare bottom.


If that’s not humiliating enough for this star player then the strapping to follow will be!


The coach’s actions will send the young jock back to the field in a more humble mood, both red faced and with a backside to match!

Introducing Jerry Bosak




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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sports Report 12”
  1. I want to be the first to say that my first impressions are all highly positive. He appears to be a very fit lad, darker and a little more brooding and masculine than some of the other boys on the roster at the moment who are (appropriately) boyish/impish. I adore the hair on his thighs and his fantastic set of swinging balls. He takes a good punishment from Mr. Volny although he appears to be nervous. I shall await another appearance with enthusiasm — I’d love to see him be spanked by his dad before bedtime in PJs!

    1. Hi Matt

      Sting hope ti make a new Hornet within the next month, but as nothing is scheduled yet, I can’t guarantee that. There will be one soon

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