Some images taken during the making of “St Datchett’s Academy – the Epilogue“. Here Rich discusses a scene with the ever popular Brett

 Brett Assumes the position!

“Now get those pants down boy!”


Rich with Matt Mills

Exchange a joke

100% straight, but Matt is as provocative as ever

Matt from a familiar angle

 Now for the birch
Click here for more images from “St Datchett’s Academy the Epilogue”
The above pictures were first posted to the Stinglads fan Group on Google Groups

The original Tale from St Datchett’s Academy (Gray Shorts 2) is available here


4 thoughts on “Sting BackStage”
  1. Matt has a wonderful face, and he still looks as young as ever, he was recently in a movie by CP4Men, and he looked great, even with the tats.

    I would love to come back to Earth as Rich O’Shea, he must be one of the luckiest spankos around and Rob also, getting to spank all these handsome young men.

  2. My old man sees me as cocky looking as Matt – I get bare, over the horse and get the switch and the strop until the cockiness is gone

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