Back in February 2011 I conducted an interview with Rich O’Shea from Sting which was published at JockSpank.  As there have been a number of developments with Sting and the wider spanking scene since then Richard has agreed to do an update to that interview which will be published here.

I will be conducting the interview in the next week or so, if anyone has any questions which they would like me to put to Rich please write to me at – heading your e-mail Questions for Rich, or, if you prefer, you can leave questions in the comments section below this posting

Meanwhile here are some pictures of Rich in action which you may enjoy  



Including images from

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Updated Interview with Richard O’Shea”
  1. I suspect many men (regardless of their sexuality) respect firm but fair cp whether because of school/home discipline or jut the genunine release of tension and of `wiping the slate` clean. Have Rich and Rob ever considered providing an interview and punishment service eg: over a weekend or short stay.

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