The latest Sting CFNM Discipline release is “Now U Bend” starring Scarlett Brown and Bob Stone

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WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict women

Miss Brown (Scarlet Brown) needs a plumber. She’s called in a local lad (Bob Stone)

Miss Brown shows the plumber where the problem is

Unfortunately this cock sure boy is a bit of a lazy tyke and doesn’t put his full weight behind the job. He prefers instead to take a beer from her fridge without asking and rest easy!

Miss Brown is the wrong lady to mess with. This feisty miss certainly knows how to deal with truculent tradesmen.

Finding him not getting on with the job she reaches for the nearest instrument, in this case a wooden rice spoon.



Now our young plumber is in hot water, bent over the kitchen table with his work trousers pulled down.




After he’s been over Miss Brown’s knee and had his bare bottom smacked like a naughty boy, he’ll know that the lady’s not for U turning when it comes to firm discipline!







By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Sting CFNM Discipline: Now U Bend”
    1. I am glad it worked for you QBuzz, I find it quite satisfying seeing a would be dominant man put in his place by a women or smaller man

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