The latest Sting CFNM Discipline release is “Who’s That Girl” starring Oliver Morgensen and Teresa Hardison

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WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict women

Sting CFNM Discipline : Who’s That Girl?

If you happen to be moving house with your new girlfriend make sure there’s nothing around you don’t want her to see. In one lads case (Oliver Morgensen) he hadn’t been so careful in concealing a picture of his old flame, who he was still seeing on the side from time to time.

His present girlfriend (Teresa Hardison) is none too pleased of course.

She intends to teach him a lesson or two about who calls the shots now. Its going to be very humiliating for the boy and will leave him with a blushing face and bare bottom to match. He needs to treat this girl with more respect, she’s going to get her way in future no matter what! Now where’s that rattan bamboo carpet beater!

















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