Go Down Boy

Like a lot of senior lads towards the end of term Miller (Trevor Dunst) has got himself in to trouble with his Housemaster and been put on the list. This means a birching before lights out. Miller’s misdemeanours have become so serious that the old birching block has been placed in the Housemaster’s study, back in use especially to deal with this cocky senior lad.

Now Miller must go down to receive the birch as punishment and feel this freshly made and wetted instruments legendary sting.


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After the birch of course he’ll be going over the knee for a good follow on bare bottom spanking. That’s going to really sting over those birch welts, then finally sent back to bed with a very sore backside. His mates will want to see the results of course but maybe for Miller, he’ll be thinking again about misbehaving!







By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Go Down Boy”
  1. I am quite partial to the birching block scenes followed up with and OTK spanking both Adam Black and Robin had great scenes in this series I recommend checking them out especially the one with Robin.

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