The latest update to the Sting Member’s area has regular discipline giver Dexter on the sore bare bottomed end of a hard spanking and an even harder caning


As a younger member of the Physical Education staff PT Master Mr Hiedrick (Dexter) has already crossed swords with the Headmaster regarding his poor behaviour. This time he’s been caught drinking again. Not so bad in itself but he ended up drunk and his actions reported by a junior he had only disciplined himself the week before.



Instead of firing his younger members of staff the Headmaster has developed a discipline regime whereby they are punished in the manner of sixth formers.  This way they have an unblemished record and can keep their jobs…. 



 For a young man rather than a boy this also means they’ll get a good hard bare bottom spanking over the knee of the Head, usually followed by a dose of his well-oiled and very swishy rattan cane.



As he groans from the pounding palm scorching his athletically rounded bare bottom cheeks and yelps from the biting rattan cane Mr Hiedrick yet again evaluates his role. He really must be seen as a good example provider! Well we hope that’ll be the case but odds on there will probably be another Heidrick Hiccup sooner or later.



By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sting Members area – Dexter in Heidrick’s Hiccups”
  1. Id rather see Dexter as the spanker he the fittest spanker sting have no offence Rich and Rob but I do love how Dexter has his leg spread while his otk sank sting seem to do well better views 😉

  2. Brad is such an attractive model – good-looking, muscular, masculine, clean-cut. It is a shame that he is so stoic while receiving a spanking – if he were more demonstrtative he would be one of Sting’s best spankees.

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