Sting Raw: Good Morning David!


Austin meets the slipper!

Oh dear, it looks like David (Austin Cook) has overslept and is late for college and unluckily for him his step dad is home also.

Fed up with his laziness David’s step dad orders him out of bed and starts by giving a damn good spanking firstly on his tight underwear then on to his bare bottom!


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Now nicely hot and stinging its time for the slipper telling David to remove it from his step dads foot and is swiftly bought into service ensuring that in future David will not be late again!


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Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sting Raw: “Good Morning David””
  1. WOW!! OWWW!!! This clip seriously resonates with me as I have very vivid memories of being dragged out of bed in my vest and pants (my usual night-attire – I hated pyjamas!) and being laid over the knee for a good hard spanking with the slipper! It sure as fcuk was the short way to rouse a sleepy young lad from his slumbers – or bring a sudden cessation to other more illict activity, haha! It clearly is a bit of a shock to young Austin as the hard hand of parental discipline begins to smack down good and heavy across his cheeky little bottom!

    Once again, Austin has managed to make a superb spankingwear selection from the contents of his well-stocked pants-drawer! How I’d love a sneaky peek in there myself just to see what other treasures are concealed there! The briefs he’s wearing in this clip are a great colour and frame that phenomenally well-rounded bum of his to perfection for the spanking he deserves! I’ve got to say that Austin’s pert bottom is one of the most spankable ever to grace the set of a Sting movie and the briefs the lad is wearing in this clip show off its peachy curves in all their amazing boyish beauty!

    The good old bedroom-slipper that we see laid on across Austin’s bare bottom is a very old and time-honoured implement of domestic discipline! I have known several naughty young lads who have thought it was a soft option for corporal punishment! Until, that is, they have experienced its burning, smarting STING! across the seat of their briefs or their bare buttocks! Properly applied, it can quickly lead to tears – take it from one who’s experienced its effects from both the giving and receiving sides!

    Please could I add my voice to those who support Jim’s request? I just think that would be THE most AMAZING spanking scenario!! The thought of Austin and Robin, two of Sting’s most pert-bottomed and spankable young rascals being spanked in the same scenario is enough to turn my underpants white – at the front at any rate, LOL!!!

  2. Oh yes I must fully concur with the good Doctors comments.
    Austin is again superb such a peach of a bottom made for spanking and slipper. The sipper to me is a real turn on.
    A good scene too for a student to find himself in.
    Robin really needs to be on his guard Austin currently in my book has started to overtake him!!

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