Discipline USA 6

It’s across the pond again as we find cheeky Robin Palmer is a college student in trouble.

He’s sneaked in to the Principals office to use his phone.

All goes well until he’s discovered mid way through his chit chat. Now he’ll need to smart talk his way out of a very tricky situation.


Because, if he can’t, guess who’s going to get a spanking!


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Unlucky for Robin, the Principal, of course, is not interested in verbal excuses, he knows exactly what he saw, this boy is becoming far too bold for his liking. Time he learned to obey the college rules a lot more than he’s been doing of late. Perhaps a few good swats of the paddle












After the paddling, a spanking over the knee, on his bare bottom, might put some sense back in to this wannabe delinquent.






Or will good behaviour only last until the Sting fades from his bottom?





Discipline USA 6 – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Discipline USA 6 – in Standard Definition


Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Discipline USA 6”
  1. As a Robin fan I felt duty bound to purchase this. Its good but not exceptional like most Robin scenes are.
    Some very nice close up shots of his delightful bottom and private equipment. Does not appear to be disciplined as hard as he normally is. However, for a Robin fan it worth buying

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