Sting Raw: Heidrick’s Bad Example

By special request Dexter returns in his role as Mr Heidrick, the coach who sometimes finds himself on the wrong end of a discipline situation.

This time the convenient role reversal occurs when he finds himself in trouble with his Headmaster. On this occasion he has unfortunately been snitched on by a troublesome senior who caught him swigging alcohol from a bottle in his office.


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To keep his job Mr Heidrick now had to take his punishment but woe betide the senior if this hunky coach ever finds out the identity of the boy who grassed him up! Lets hope he does.

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Heidrick’s Bad Example … is available now exclusively from

Sting Raw at Clips4Sale


Sting Raw “Heidrick’s Bad Example” at Clips4Sale

Sting Raw at Clips4Sale

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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Sting Raw: Heidrick’s Bad Example”
  1. really like Dexters bottom. I want more older guys with bubble butts. I miss Rusty and James and Sebastian!
    Speciallt Rústy! He was great!

  2. Dexter is great as always! It’s a shame he was never spanked in a humiliating position, e.g. spread legs or in front of a younger guy.

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