Sting Raw: Out Of Credit

Jerry (Austin Cook) is an impudent young man and he persists in borrowing his guardian’s phone, without permission of course! He’ almost taken it over and its getting out of hand. On returning home he is challenged regarding his illicit behaviour with the mobile.


To say the least all his answers are evasive and patience with him is wearing thin! The boy needs teaching a lesson, the old fashioned way.

Those sports pants will be coming down and this cheeky lad is going to get a well deserved spanking on his well rounded bare bottom!


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Sting Raw “Out Of Credit” at Clips4Sale

Sting Raw at Clips4Sale

Title 2257

By Bruce

12 thoughts on “Sting Raw: Out Of Credit”
  1. WOW!! I never thought I’d say it but Robin Palmer could well be in danger of a rival in the most spankable bottom stakes! Young Austin is an angel twink stepped straight down from Spankers’ Heaven! With a knack for making great selections from his pants-drawer to sport as spankingwear! Great boxer-briefs – so short and my second favourite spankingwear colour, navy-blue!

    I know I’m preaching to the converted here, but I would be very surprised if the most fanatical member of the no-smacking brigade, seeing Austin laid over the knee in his briefs, would not agree that a boy who goes round with a bottom like that deserves every single SMACK! he gets!! And it isn’t just his pert, cheeky little bum – he has beautifully slappable legs! I’d so love to see him shirtless to see if his back is as whippable as his bottom is smackable!

    I would also really love to see this little scamp in a naughty schoolboy scenario! School uniform but with a) a few inches trimmed off those school shorts and b) be in a pair of his own regular, laddish coloured underpants and no white boner-killers! How about it, Sting?

  2. Sorry Dr. Van but Austin does not come close to taking Robin’s place… Love your comments on here by the way!

  3. I must agree with the good Doctor young Austin is a real turn on with a great bottom, strong thighs, good private equipment and appears a very cheeky boy. Austin looks to have a bigger bottom than Robin. However,the only way to see who is top of the hit parade is to have him and Robin appearing in the same production and what a bonus it would be if Andy Easton also appeared at the same time.
    Turning now to the download it is superb. with some wonderful shots of Austins bottom especially when he is bending down on the bench leaning over the table.
    I too would love tp see him dressed as a school boy and with Robin and Andy what a spankers delight.
    I would certainly pay a bit more for such a film.

  4. I must agree with the Austin fans, he is a great addition to the Sting family. Robin Palmer will remain a great favourite as his acting skills were way better than your normal East European model. Has Austin got the same attributes, he certainly has the good looks and physique. An interesting debate which is always healthy.

  5. Love to see red hand prints showing up on his bare thighs as well that would make the spanking even more sore.I like that grin on his face he is really cute . Been cute does not excuse any boy from a sound spanking

  6. wish the young man was wearing skinny jeans and tighty whitey briefs though – the punishments with this actor seem so much more mild then what robin has endured. would love to see how he reacts when he actually really catches it. still wonderful though

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