Discipline Downunder – Smouldering Butts

This Sting Spanking Clasic Stars Rudi Vallance, Xander Hollister and Jerry Henderson

Its back down under at Ahorangi  College and a new sports master, Mr Bentley (Jerry Henderson) has joined the staff. He’s quick to pick up on the shortcomings and mischief of some of the students and it’s not long before he has to deal with two of them.

Rory Anderson (Rudi Vallance) and James Madley (Xander Holister) know Mr Bentley keeps his cigarettes in a sports locker and decide to misappropriate a few for their own use.

Caught red handed by the young master both suddenly realise he is no push over. They are going to get dealt with as they would be by any senior master.


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First to feel the stinging palm of Mr Bently on his bare bottom is James madley perched high on the PT masters knee. Watched by the older lad Rory Anderson he knows he’s next.






Soon he too is yelping as he lays across the PT maters knee getting his well rounded bare bottom cheeks painfully reddened and scolded by the masters tennis trained right arm.





Like all PT masters he won’t be finished with this punishment till his trusted India rubber gym shoe is brought in to play. Now bent over together, the well-used flattened sole is burning its message in to both boys’ bare backsides.





They’ve tried their luck and pushed to see how far they can go and this is the result, two nicely rounded but now very raw red bare bottoms. No Mr Bently really is no push over.


By Bruce

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