Travis McKinnon in his first Sting Raw solo role as the trooper in 

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Troopers in the 7th Field cavalry regiment are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline. Horses well groomed, saddles polished and their weapons immaculately clean.
Trooper Radford (Travis McKinnon) has just not been pulling his weight and has been charged. As he is most certainly guilty the C.O has given him a choice and he has opted for off the record company punishment. Apart from a sound spanking it will mean the burning taste of saddle harness and the leather riding whip administered to his bare buttocks. This of course is the traditional way to deal with insubordinate troopers!

With the C.O departed the punishment begins. Now this fit young trooper is thrusting his muscular backside high over the knee of his platoon commander. With his khaki shorts pulled down and his well-rounded bottom completely bare for more punishment the NCO’s hand cracks down.

He might be a tough young solider but this is humiliating and it’s really scorching his tender butt. He’d rather be in the boxing ring any day than have to take this.

However, with the spanking over its now time for this wayward trooper to face a length of well-oiled horse harness.

The old brown leather strap delivers very unwelcome and painful bands or fire across his already well spanked bare bottom.

Then to finish the riding crop is taken down. This whippy leather crop used to train the horses is just as useful across the bare rumps of insolent soldier boys. His growling, hissing, jumps and yelps under this instrument only go to endorse the good discipline that the army strives to instil in to its young troopers!

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By Bruce

16 thoughts on “Sting Raw – Travis McKinnon as “The Trooper” (with Preview trailer)”
  1. Very good short video. Travis looks great in that army fatigue underwear, and he looks great bare-bottomed. He gave a good performance as well.

    It would have been even better if Travis’s underwear had been skimpier and tighter-fitting, and if the sounds of spanking and whipping had been a little louder, but it was till a very good video.

  2. Hi Rasputin,
    Thanks for your comments. The shorts were the smallest we could get before shooting. We are going to get our seamstress to modify them a bit. They are of course real army issue shorts.

  3. This actor is brilliant, he is so vocal and reacts to being spanked in a way which shows how much it is hurting him. That makes it so much more exciting for the viewer.

    Spankings are supposed to hurt, and this one obviously did

  4. Thanks Hannibal. We do find there are great differences between what an actor can and can’t do. Some of them are very resilient no matter what while others are more sensitive where whipping the rear is concerned.

    Matt Mills used to kick box but hated any pain being inflicted on his butt. Travis is very much like this too as is Luke Radley.

  5. Travis is gorgeous – and I love this video. Great moment with the foot on the back. I would have appreciated really tight shorts for the press ups and the spanking – I would have enjoyed seeing his perfect bottom encased like that. Being made to present oneself in shorts that leave nothing to the imagination can also only add to the sense of punishment. I’d like to see Travis bending over in lots of different uniforms. Figging would also be great.

  6. Hi, thanks very much for the comment. I think I’ve said elsewhere that were are going to try to have the shorts re tailored. They are in fact the genuine thing like many of the STG props. We are also going to suggest figging to him, lets see what he says…

  7. Travis is so hunky and has a perfect bottom for a nice long hard spanking..
    Would be great to see him spread his cheeks on his knees, buns up and spread wide for a super hot figging and cropping of his tight butthole..

  8. This is a terrific video. I second the proposal to see Marco’s beautiful bottom (and balls!) exposed for a punishment once again!

  9. I would like to vote for Travis to get spanked my Johann Volny or Mike Cross or by both of them – that would be a sensational scene

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