The latest offender recommend by the Police Court to be sent to Colonel Lee’s Juvenile House of Correction is George Bradshaw (Darren) For aggravated robbery the sentence also carries a minimum of twelve strokes of the birch!

On arrival at the institution his behaviour had continued to be insolent and unrepentant, so on the day he was to be birched the Colonel intended to make an example of this wayward lad! Bare bottom spanking was always the first disciplinary measure when boys of this type misbehaved and although a more senior lad his backside would now be soundly smacked.

The spanking however is merely a precursor to the sentence of the court. 

Bradshaw’s punishment has only just begun …..

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow

In three definition levels

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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Sting Raw – Darren 1900 (Part 1)”
  1. It’s good to see Darren back. He’s a good-looking, athletic guy with a very spankable butt. It was also good to see him phigged. (Did I spell “phigged” correctly?)

    If Darren had been slightly less stoic in response to his punishment, and his underwear had been a little tighter and with a little less seat coverage, this would have been a terrific video. As it is, it is still a very good video.

  2. Thanks Rasputin, we are glad to have Darren back again too. Also it is our dream here among the team that one day we can make something that you feel is truly a terrific video 🙂

    1. LOL, Jonathan. You have a very short memory. 🙂

      I have bought many Sting videos over the last two years. I threw away or deleted the ones I didn’t like. I have kept the ones that I thought were good or very good. There are 69 Sting videos on my hard drive which I consider “good” or “very good”.

      Of those 69 good or very good videos, at least 9 of those videos contain at least one “terrific” scene. (I can’t remember the others.) They are as follows:

      Colonial College – Part 1;
      Discipline Diary – 1900;
      Doctor Doctor;
      Family Misfortunes;
      Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary;
      Oh Brother – The Movie;
      Sports Report 2;
      Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – #4 (The Forrester Affair); and
      Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – #13 (Unlucky for Some).

      My standards aren’t so high after all, are they? Keep up the good work, guys.

      P.S. – you might remember that a few months ago I requested that you make a video where a senior cadet, a senior student, or a young teacher who has been cruel or sadistic toward the other students gets his comeuppance. He is overpowered by 2-3 cadets or students, stripped down to his underwear, bound, gagged, hand-spanked, phigged, caned, etc. This senior cadet, senior student, or young teacher should be played by one of your handsome, clean-cut, muscular models who is also a demonstrative actor – someone like Luke Radley or Travis McKinnon. You said that you would consider such a video, to just be patient.

      Whatever happened to that proposed project?

  3. Well that put me in my place!
    The world of spanking would not be the same without you Rasputin and of course it goes without saying really that we absolutely appreciate you custom.
    We will look again at that project idea but at the time we did say its only a possibility. All sizeable Sting shoot budgets are being re assessed for their feasibility at the moment.
    Looking back it seems that the Headmaster series has been the most popular. We weren’t expecting that when the idea was set up!

  4. Seems to me like Rasputin’s list challenges us to create a viewers’ Sting Top 10 a la Sight and Sound poll?

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