The latest Re-Mastered Sting Special Price Spanking Classic is

The Brothers
Starring a veritable galaxy of early Sting stars including Darren, Barry, Robbie Estavez, Marc Russell, Matt Steel, Andreas, and others whose bare bottoms all receive a holy toasting

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Life in Innesfial industrial institution can be harsh, and the Brothers who run it enforce discipline religiously. In the dormitories at night, all sort of shenanigans goes on, but it isn’t long before stiff action is taken.

Quinlan (Darren) and Connelly (Andreas) are the first to discover that horseplay can earn a young man a very sore bottom

Brother Finlan (Margusta) is keen to instil a pious sense of control in to his charges and soon has his stinging broad leather strap is cracking across the boy’s bare bottoms. Laying face down on the rough blankets of their beds, Quinlan and Connelly are soon asking for forgiveness!

In another part of the building Coughlan (Robbie) is reporting to Brother Mark. Very quickly he is over the knee for a firm spanking

Unluckily for Coughlan this isn’t deemed enough and in true Innesfial fashion the wicked and well worn strap cracks out its heated sermon of obedience to the wayward lad.

In the lonely halls of the institution passion for each other often overtakes the lads. Delaney (Max Mc Kenzie) and O’Conner (Lukas Leyton) are dealt with for their wicked promiscuity. Brother Michael wastes no time in making them account for their sins. Once again the good old leather strap will painfully deliver its hot message of obedience!

O’Rourke (Marc Russell) an habitual sinner has been let off before by the Brother Principle but his days of grace have now run out and a good over the knee spanking

The spanking is followed by a hot leathering is deemed the best way to cure his defiance. New young Brother Luke soon gets in to the swing of things but finds chastity a difficult temptation to fight.

It’s not long before he has new young inmate Kyle Byrne (Matt Steel) stretched across his lap for a firm hand spanking. Kyle soon learns too that he must serve his new master only to be caught by Brother Michael who reports the young Brother’s cardinal sin to the Principle.

Brother Luke finds that he too as a young intern is subject to the institute’s strict displine policy.

After a spanking and tough butt reddening session with the martinet absolution is attained.

Meanwhile O’Hare’s (Barry) aggressive attitude is still in question. The answers lies in a firm spanking

Followed by a good leathering over the old desk in the staff office.

It’s not long before some of the lads decide to abscond. They are hauled back and to save them from hellfire and damnation a stiff session of discipline is to be imposed. The nervous lads know what is in store for them, specifically what is in store for their bare backsides!

As a warning to the others all the boys are punished together in the hall.

. Starting with a hard, bare bottom over the knee spanking

After a good blistering spanking the boy inmates in the rest of the building soon begin to hear thick leathers straps descending on to the now bright red and burning bare bottoms of the three sinners.

After a good blistering spanking the boy inmates in the rest of the building soon begin to hear thick leathers straps descending on to the now bright red and burning bare bottoms of the three sinners.

The cries and howls echo round the walls and the three begin to find a new painful path to righteousness!

As their burning bottoms constantly remind them of their transgressions, they will not be sitting comfortably on the hard institution benches for some time to come.

Nine hot Sting lads appearing in this full length story all hoping for mercy but alas are not likely to find it at the hands of The Brothers.



The Brothers

Sting Pictures


Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sting Re-Mastered Special Price Spanking Classic “The Brothers””
  1. This is an excellent video. A nice touch is listening to Rich and Rob affecting Irish accents! Sting veterans Darren and Barry and Marc Russell looked so young and innocent back then! The young man portraying the young intern Brother Luke also looked very young and innocent.
    There is a sequel called “The Brothers – the Movie” which is even better than this video. If you haven’t seen that one, you are in for a treat.

  2. Bruce – what was the name of the model that portrayed young “Brother Luke” in this video? He might have appeared in other Sting videos.

  3. Bruce – Scott Hart is the model who portrayed the young “Brother Luke” in “The Brothers”. Scott Hart is a good-looking lad with an athletic physique and a round, firm, muscular butt. I’d like to see more videos in which Scott Hart was cast, preferably in the bottom role. However, there is no “Scott Hart” link in the categories. Please correct this omission.

    1. Hi Rasputin
      I am glad you enjoyed the Brothers, you are right some of the guys do look very young, as it was made quite some time ago. There is an archive link for Scott Hart, but it”s just his first name Scott I will correct that. Unfortunately, The Brothers was Scott Hart’s only appearance in a Sting film, apart from some audition pictures ( I don’t believe the audition was videotaped)

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