St Datchet’s Academy
Starring Matt Mills, Brett Stevens, James, David, Tigger, Vex, Mike Stafford, Anderson, Mark and others

Produced September, 1st 2008 length: 01:36:55 Size: 2..79 GB

A new term begins and sixth former Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) is going back to join his mates in Alamein House at famous St Datchet’s Academy. Following on from the Sting film ‘Grey Shorts’ this story of college student life is packed with action.

From the strict headmaster, Mr Prentice Hackett, to the double dealing prefects Weaver and Harrington (Brett & James) the storyline moves briskly along featuring all the traditional disciplinary measures needed to maintain order. Featuring fourteen great looking guys and six members of staff this latest feature from Sting Pictures is the most adventurous yet. The cane, birch, tawse and hard ritual spankings echo round the hallowed walls of old St Datchet’s.

Scroll down for a selection of images from this one hour 36.5 minute male spanking classic plus an illustration by Jonathan


St Datchet’s Academy


Title 2257

St Datchet’s Academy

By Bruce

12 thoughts on “St Datchets Academy”
  1. And here we have the “Citizen Kane,” the “Vertigo,” the “Grand Illusion,” the apex — the distillation of Sting’s aesthetic genre. Thank you for bringing this masterpiece to a wider audience. I would also like the acknowledge the achievement of Keith and CP Services London. A confluence of talent!

  2. Bruce: How in heaven’s name do you find so many beautiful British boys willing to get spanked? In the States they equate spanking with cruel & unusual punishment. Are you compensating them handsomely?

  3. Superb video from Sting’s golden days. All the ‘boys’ look the part (a real must for me) and the settings are fantastic. HUGE fan of Vex, who really looks great in his school kit and who I could watch getting the cane on his firm, bare arse the whole day long! Thanks to all at Sting, especially those sexy young London lads. Wish we could see more young Brits in today’s Sting productions.

  4. He’s in St Datchets and Sports Report 3. I thought he was also in one of the Punishment Books, but I can’t find him, so he may have only done two films with us. It was quite a few years ago

  5. Would not be possible a new Sting movie like this? Now it could be located in a Czech Republic former village environment, for instance. I think all of us would love it. In any case thank you very much for your work, lovely Sting people

  6. Hi Jake and Anthony
    The boy in blue is Nick, he’s a friend of Lee Knight who took a birching in the final scene, he kindly stood in for an actor who had to pull out of shooting. He didn’t want to get spanked or birched, despite Sting’s persuasive charms. One who got away, I’m afraid.

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