Discipline Down Under Ahorangi College

The second two scenes from latest Sting Special Price classic Discipline Down Under Ahorangi College

Now it’s McKenzie’s turn to report to the deputy Head and receive punishment for fighting. Starting with a good Spanking



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The Spanking is followed up with a red hot bare bottom slippering to imprint the message home & Behave!

Meanwhile, Donavan is now back before the Headmaster so soon after his last punishment. This time it’s a problem during the cross country run. The lad needs a reminder and soon gets one! All the stripes of his caning are brought alive again with a Spanking as the pounding flat of the Heads palm cracking in to the lad’s very sore bare bottom.

Upstairs in the staff room the deputy head awaits the arrival of Morgan (Kyle Wilkinson) He has seen fit to bunk of college and go swimming in the local river. It may be hot but now it’s going to get much hotter for Morgan. Out comes the brown leather belt and over the desk goes Morgan, his bare bottom getting redder by the stroke.


After this he knows it’ll be a Spanking, raw backside or not the rules must be obeyed when you are a student at Ahorangi College!




The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube




Discipline Down Under – Ahorangi College


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Title 2257

Note: As from September 1st 2018 this video is no longer on special price promotion

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