Another Spanking Classic

Discipline Down Under – Summertime Madness

Staring Jaxon Radoc, Kurt Maddox, Daniel Prince and Marco this time getting his own bottom spanked


Returning down under to Ahorangi College things haven’t changed much discipline wise. Its mid-term and the lads still think they can side step the rules. Take for instance the rugby captain Gary Stewart (Marco) he would rather go surfing than support the team.

The PT teacher is of course annoyed that the team has been let down and intends to give young Gary a lesson in manners he won’t forget!

The gym slipper is laid on with a complaining Stewart bent over the gym horse but it’s not getting the result required. But that’s just the beginning!!


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Not to be outdone the PE head goes in to the showers leaving Stewart waiting over the horse and retrieves the heavy wooden bath brush.



This he brings down with relish on to Stewart’s ample reddened and rounded bare backed. The returning growls and yelps are more than music to the ears of this hard pressed sports master.


Two friends Jackson (Kurt Maddox) and Craven (Daniel Prince) who always hang about together are caught smoking. As it’s the Headmaster himself who catches them they are in for some hard punishment. Now waiting in the Heads study both boys know that a spanking on their bare bottoms is probably just a start.








They are right and the Head follows it up with a caning for Jackson the oldest and a first taste of the leather strap for Craven. As he looks back at Jackson’s raised bare backside, kneeling in the old leather chair, Craven can’t help notice the deep red welts left by the rattan cane. The thick leather strap is going to bring a strong red tinge to his own backside but at least he dodged the cane, maybe not so lucky next time.





The Headmaster has been keeping an eye Derek (Jaxson Radoc). He attends another college nearby but seems to think he can get away with anything. Finally a school report that frankly is a total disgrace he finds himself in trouble. Derek complains bitterly and wants to be out with his mates.

Given an alternative he decides to accept his proposed punishment. He’s never ever been spanked let alone given the strap. Now this well-toned fit youngster is feeling the sharp sting of a good spanking!





After that the scorching lick of the leather strap across his very shapely bare bottom.

Perhaps now for these lads no more summer madness for a while.




Discipline Down Under – Summertime Madness


Sting Pictures


Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Sting Spanking Classic: Discipline Down Under – Summertime Madness”
  1. I purchased this film a year or so ago. I can not recommend it enough! Fantastic canings! And the short film with Jaxson is a classic! Love every second of it. This is a wonderful film at a very generous price. I believe it might become a favorite film for anyone who enjoys STING’s work.

  2. I too have this download and would endorse fully the comments about Jaxon. A great clean cut good looking young man with a great bottom. From memory he also appeared in one of The Headmasters Study films and was slippered by Marco.
    Michael Brown

  3. The high point for me is the spanking received by young Marco as the rugby captain. Marco is probably best remembered for his frequent top roles, but in his younger years he played the bottom role as well. He did a good job receiving a spanking with both a sneaker and a bath brush. It is a shame that he had to die at the age of 38 – too young.

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