The latest Sting Special price video is the March 2011 release Howard Hall Hash Up staring Carlos Fernandez as Yousef Hussein and Rico Jones as David Matthews.

When the boys are caught with drugs the staff take them in hand and deliver some painful and humiliating treatment applied to their young bare behinds.

Special attention will be reserved for Yousef (Carlos) the naughty boy who brought the drugs back from his Holiday! (Young Carlos may have escaped a spanking in the Brothers but this time he’a not so lucky and will be very sore and sorry after his bottom has been spanked, shaved, birched and then caned!)

All is not well at Howard Hall College after a number of lads have found to be smoking substances of a very dubious nature. The Headmaster as usual wants to get to the bottom of this problem, now in more ways than one! First dealing with a 6th former David Matthews (Rico Jones)


Determined to nip it in the bud the Headmaster takes action. Matthews, after behaving like a little brat is treated as such and given an OTK spanking normally reserved for younger pupils.

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Then the Head learns that the source of the supply is from a younger 4th former Yousef Hussein (Carlos Fernandez) who after the holidays  has brought the illicit drugs in the college hoping to make a quick buck. Young Hussein is seen here calmly resting on his bed in the dorm, with no idea what is in store for him.

Now a suitable punishment for Yousef Hussein must follow but first Hussein’s housemaster Mike Prentice decides to lay on his own punishment before the final showdown with the Head. In the dormitory that evening before lights out and for letting St Georges house down Hussein too gets a good OTK spanking.








And that is just the beginning, if young Hussein thinks his bottom is sore now, wait until he finds out what happens next ….!!





Howard Hall hash up, for only $9.95


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Title 2257

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