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Let the cane take the strain

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Scene three a 1950s public school environment David McCullock (Matt Mills) reports to his house master for a caning, and has to select which cane will be used on him.

McCullock’s smooth backside bucks and twists as the biting cane connects with his blemish free bare bottom.



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After this and to make sure the lad fully understands the master delivers a firm hand spanking! 


McCullock will be sleeping on his front that night and will not sit comfortably in class the next day

Now it’s a visit to a 60s Borstal where inmate 43567 Simmonds is receiving a punishment caning from gross miss behaviour. His house officer (Margusta) makes sure the strokes are carefully and well laid on!




In a junior soldiers battalion young junior leader (Sebastian) reports to receive punishment from the Physical Training Instructor (Dexter) in typical army style he is commanded by the PTI to strip, mount the horse and receive 24 cuts of the cane. Legs well apart and bend right over this muscular young squaddie will think again before being brought up on a charge!




The punishment session finishes with a bare bottom spanking

Warning the trailer features hard bare bottom canings





Let the Cane Take The Strain


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