Tales from the Headmaster’s Study 3 – The Bike Thief

Following the ill-fated cross country run which featured in Tales from the Headmaster’s Study 2 “A Sting in the woods” Beecham (Damien Drake) still has to answer for other misdemeanours. Having been pre warned in the woods it’s now time to knock again at the Headmasters study door.

The problem revolves around the staff bicycle that mysteriously went missing; well it wasn’t so mysterious really Beecham nicked it.


Now bending down and touching his toes while the head selects a whippy senior cane, perhaps the joy ride wasn’t such a good idea. Twelve Stinging strokes later Beecham knows it really wasn’t such a good idea.


Slowly standing, his bottom burning from the cane, he catches the eye of Mr McIvor his House Master. It isn’t over for Beecham and with the Head now attending to other business Mr Ivor is already reading a list from his red book of shame regarding the lads conduct over the past month. It doesn’t look good and as Beecham gets ready to go over the Housemaster’s knee he know siting down later in class may not be easy.


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After a good bare bottom spanking from the angry Scots Housemaster out comes his freshly oiled leather tawse.  The crack of this formidable instrument rings round the study as it bites in to poor Beecham’s sore bottom.




Later that evening its young Ralf Metcalf’s turn to report to the Headmaster. This senior lad is in for some really strict punishment.  A hard caning firstly on pyjamas and them his bare bottom leaves some particularly painful stripes. The long and hard spanking that follows only adds to the scorching pain in his backside as the freshly laid on welts are all re awoken by the stinging slap of the heads right hand.




This is good old fashioned no nonsense punishment well laid on. Metcalf will in future certainly behave himself in the dorm and it will be sometimes before Beecham considers again earning the title of The Bike Thief.

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Tales From The Headmaster’s Study 3 – The Bike Thief

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