Colonial College 7

At the old colonial college the harsh discipline continues …

The second lad to face discipline is Don Adams (Ariel Varga) He’s also build up a strong record of misbehaviour that finally earns him a visit to the Headmasters study. He’s a very insolent lad and after daring to enter chewing gum it very much seals his fate, what follows is now much deserved.

First off, the leather strap, this will make a scorching impression on his bare bottom!


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If the stinging strap is not enough then he’ll be taken across the heads knee like a very naughty boy for a hard spanking.






Young Don will think twice before misbehaving (or chewing gum) in future!!


By Bruce

One thought on “Colonial College 7 (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. I’m totally loving these longer OTK scenes. I really appreciate them as somebody who favours that particular position. Please continue with longer OTK scenes it really allows for tension to build up and the added length allows for that extra Sting! hehe. Robin can only get better and better at taking such punishment.

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