The latest Sting Special Price and Re Mastered Spanking Classic is

A Sign Of The Times
Starring Hayden, Keith, David and Dexter

only $13.99

For a Limited Time Only

Back in 2009, Sting took a first brief step out of their trademark retro film making role. ‘A Sign of The Times’ catches up with the antics of three typical ‘yoof’s of today. Convinced they can get away with anything and if caught just a telling off which will bounce of their brains like a badly served tennis ball.

Firstly, Hayden decides to borrow his neighbours pride and joy namely his new car without his permission of course!

For this he is hauled to account and given a good hiding by his ever watchful Dexter.


Hayden’s neighbour is intent on making sure that he doesn’t forget the incident and follows though with his slipper for full effect.

Next to make some easy cash Keith decides its time for a spot of house breaking.

Unfortunately for him the owner returns unexpectedly with his friend and caught red handed they deal with the lad in no uncertain terms. It’s a choice of the police or a good spanking and the strap. Keith really didn’t have any choice in the matter.

Lastly, rugby captain David at his private school where if needed sensible discipline is still sometimes employed, all with the parent’s agreement. After yet another fiery encounter with the opposition on the ruby field fists start to fly.

The exasperated headmaster leaves it in the hands of Mr Johnson the youngPT master to firmly implant the message of discipline in to 6th former David’s stubborn head. This latest and not so PC story of corporal punishment is a portrayal of how it ought to be used in today’s cotton wool society. So let the imagination run wild or rather let’s see how it could be if today’s lacklustre leaders could get their act together.



A Sign Of The Times


This video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

And also at Spanking Library.

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