Approved Education 2

Approved schools in Britain first appeared in 1933. Unlike Borstal they were usually open institutions and young offenders sent to them would receive academic tuition as well as work activities. Styled like a school the uniform was usually plain grey.

Many approved schools were known for their strict discipline cumulating in the famous Court Lees affair in the 1960’s where excessive discipline with the cane was cited. In this short feature we go back to those days of discipline and get an inside view of life at Court Leamington where the slipper, strap, tawes, cane and spanking echo round the walls.

Featuring five strapping Sting lads including Brett, Stefanel, Brad, David and Barry the action is hot and the result is another retro classic for your collection. Approved Education 2




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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Sting Spanking Classic – Approved Education 2”
  1. Yes, this is a wonderful film! I miss the old time storyline films. May I ask a question – why do you always change the bad boys’ character’s names. Why wasn’t Bret just always called Bret or Thompson of something? Also why did the film company decide to stop doing the credits at the end of the films – showing the names & faces (or backsides) of the actors in the film? Again a wonderful film. I highly suggest everyone add it to their collection.

    1. Hi Kass

      This was a very popular release as I recall, and is a real classic.

      In answer to your questions Brett was always called Brett Stevens, that is his stage name ,but he may have played named characters in the films, and sometimes that name would reoccur if he was in a sequel, I think Thompson was the name of the character he played in the Borstal series, whereas in the St Datchetts series he was Weaver.

      Sting stopped putting credits on smaller films as they became superfluous to requirement really. It was all part of the gradual downsizing of production in response to current market saturation. They would no doubt do it again if they started making longer films again.


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