A further Sting Spanking Classic is

Crime Spree

Staring Dexter, Dale Brady and introducing Aiden Jason, Damien Harrison and Aslan Brutt

The easy route to riches seems to be the modern way. However, it can be full of surprises and not all nice ones. Two young lads (Brit guys, Damian Harrison and Aiden Jason) are down on their luck and need cash fast. One of them has the idea that breaking in to a local flat might net them some fast cash. They get inside a property and begin to collect the loot.


Unfortunately their choice of apartment is a bad one; it belongs to a police officer. He of course arrives home at the most inopportune moment catching the young felons red handed. The angry Police officer calls a colleague and between them they thrash out a deal. Thrash being the operative word as the boys agree to let their crimes be dealt with there and then. Firstly a good bare bottom spanking from the younger detective..


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The spanking is followed by a sound strapping on their already sore and reddened bare bottoms. Sharp and sudden justice indeed for the novice pair who have never before experienced corporal punishment.




By Bruce

One thought on “Sting Spanking Classic “Crime Spree” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. I already own this film – Brit thieves Damian Harrison and Aiden Jason were fantastic – loved the scene in the park where they are having beers. 2 perfect punks – wish the punishment went on much longer and there was a hairbrush or wooden spoon used as well as the belt.

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