The Special Price Classic is

Discipline Diary 1900

At Carnfield Institute Colonel Lee’s diary entries follow the misfortunes of several inmates.

First Harris receives a firm hand spanking for insubordination richly deserved in the eyes of the Colonel.

Next are two know trouble makers Jamison (Sebastian) and Markey (James Bruce) again for their mischievous behaviour.   Spanking, feaging and salt water birching are employed by Mr Steerforth and the Colonel to amend their wayward attitudes.


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Monday 17th August see’s the Colonel giving trustee senior lad Passmore (Dexter) the job of punishing Daniel Smith (Jared Brookes) He wastes no time in administering a good spanking and stinging session with the tawse for good measure. Daniel Smith will think again before breaking the rules.

The final entry in the diary concerns Passmore himself. In his position of trust he has risen above himself and disgraced the institution. Not too senior to be punished and to set an example to the other boy’s he is dealt with privately but serverly by Mr Steeforth. Passmore receives a long hand spanking and 24 cuts of the cane well laid on. Yet another entry in the Discipline Diary for 1900




Discipline Diary 1900

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4 thoughts on “Sting Special Price Spanking Classic “Discipline Diary 1900””
  1. I like dexter really much! nice bottom, takes it real good. Has did “reular” porn, and under what name does he use then? thanks!

    1. Hi Herodesagrippa

      I am afraid Sting is the only Adult Studio Dexter works with, he does not have another stage name.


  2. I remember watching this back in the day and realising how much I loved Dexter as a spanker I used to love the scene with Jared but oh how my tastes have changed as I’ve got older but still this clip was one I remember really well shaping my spanking fetish. I especially love this picture of James himself and Sebastian had amazing bottoms and where great Sting models.

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